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Bridge Over Troubled Waters

I very much would like to be a bridge for your troubling thoughts, concerns; your relationship with yourself and/or any other ‘troubled waters’ you may be doing your best (just now) to stay afloat in.

These are troubling times. These are the most unknown times I have ever experienced; our world has ever experienced and, most likely, most of you too. 
My goal here has always been to share my truth and thoughts, and in doing so inviting you to feel, open up and experience You living You through self-love.  
You are unique. You are one of a kind.  You are sensational.  You were born this way purposefully.  
We humans feel.  We humans emote. We humans experience wonderful times. We feel rough times. We think which can be troubling in itself.  Ha!  We dream. We create. We spin when all of these things collide, come together and happen at once.  
May you always come back to this moment here and now available through your breath.  
May you come back to the current goal of your very next step.  Bab…


Patterns.  There are patterns in fabric, patterns on buildings, weather patterns, work patterns and many more; along with patterns that we fall into as habits of becoming and doing.

Sometimes, we live in these patterns even when they do not create a pleasantness for ourselves.  Sometimes, quite the opposite.

What patterns are you living that you'd like to change...  Is there one?  Are there many?  Is there one that you can choose just now to allow yourself to break it and create a new pattern or way that would better serve you going forward...

Maybe; just maybe, today is the day to start letting go of the old and stagnant and start creating and building a new and better way; better program; a better pattern.

It is said awareness comes first.  So, if something came to your mind I say kudos to You.  Sit with this a bit and feel, process and engage in a better way from the gentle side of you.  No harshness or self-criticism necessary.

May you start changing one pattern that you have been…

Bothered One

I was sleeping last night and my night was filled with several times of waking up.  I'd sleep an hour and wake up.  I'd sleep 1.5 hours and awaken.   I'd sleep 3 hours and find myself waking up to thinking what a bother this felt like.

I wrote the word 'bother' in my notes on my phone.  I know I was dreaming uncomfortable things and I do not remember anything but the feeling of being bothered... and uncomfortable.

So, I find myself here now, exploring this.

What comes to me to share is many moons ago, I remember asking someone why am I always the one that has to bring up what is going on; has to be the one to try to fix things and have to be the one that tries to make things better.  Her response was priceless and a wonderful 'standstill' 'aha' empowering moment for me.

Her reply was 'because you are the one that is bothered and uncomfortable'.  Ha.  How about that!  This was surely true.

I'd like to offer to you that if you find yourself wan…


How I love me some tranquility.  Tranquility with excitement equals the best kind of adventure for me.

I love adventure of music, nature, exploration and sharing the depth of each other's wisdom.  It excites me and brings me joy.

I'm not fond of chaos as it puts my fight or flight instinct on and, sometimes, it feels like it takes too long for me to be able to turn it off.  Too much adrenaline and/or cortisol is not a comforting thing or a healthy feeling within myself.

I easily go into overdrive and my energy and abilities dissipate more quickly than I would like.  My system gets out of sync and it is like my nervous system speeds throughout my body with nowhere, or no knowledge of where, to land and allow myself to create and/or find homeostasis.

Stabilization feels like tranquility to me.  It is where I find endurance, strength, 'ableness', calmness and knowledge to maintain and live in comfortable homeostasis.

I read often to leave one's comfort zone is where the…

A Perfect Storm

Is there such a thing...  as a perfect storm...

A big, huge, loud, windy, rainy, colorful, exciting storm just blew through here.  Whew.  It was the most serious since I have been here.  The energy was electrical.  The wind was strong and the thunder thunderous.

It was as perfect a storm could be.

It feels like stormy times.  It feels like big, huge, loud, windy, rainy, colorful, exciting and transformative and innovative times.  It just may be the perfect time to 'fall' into the person that you are and wish to become.

Be true to one's self.  Be connected to one's breath.  Be open to the truth of how one feels; what one desires; what one dislikes and what one needs.

It just may be the perfect time to tap into our creative selves.  A self that feels the current moment and creates all moments forward from here.  A self that loves and/or is learning to love one's self.  A self with an open mind and an open heart.  A self where we will only tolerate, buy into and produce …


Most of us have an 'it' that is in front of us just now.  It challenges us; speaks to us; wants our attention; walks with us and shows itself uniquely to us.  And - because there is no one other person on our planet like any of us - it is dealt with uniquely.

May you be aware of what 'it' is for you just now and how you are choosing to respond, or not to respond, to it.  

Some of us ignore it.  Some of us fight it.  Some of us flow with it.  Some of us don't like it.  Some of us deal with 'it' head on.

Depending on what 'it' is, perhaps, we have dealt with our 'it' in all of the ways above and in other ways as well.

Being human is having 'its'.

It is my hope that, if you wish, you are aware of any and all of your 'its' and decide to deal with it/them in a way that works best and feels best to you.  A way that allows you to not be stuck in it for too long.

May you go into it.  Stay with it.  Sit with it.  Allow it.  Walk through …

Be True

With so much information hitting us.. with so many options available to us.. with so many emotions being shared.. with so many situations being blasted out through social media.. it is hard to know truth from fiction.  It is not so easy for me to know what is truth for 'them' compared to what is truth for me.

It feels very important to live in my truth.  It feels the best way for me to navigate, love, encounter, encourage and be.  I like to look at my truth as an adventure.  What truth of mine shows up to help me process 'life' into a fulfilling adventure.

This is what I am open to; to walk in and through my truth, with my greatest awareness, just now.

May you be open to walk in and through your truth, with your greatest awareness, as it shows itself to you just now.

  Our truth doesn't lie to us.

May we be open to feeling it; seeing it; hearing it; knowing it; experiencing it and processing who we are through it.

Let our truth, through love and compassion, lead us fowa…

Eating Uh Oh

I want to be honest and share that I need to save me from myself today...

All I have been doing is eating.  Eating.  Eating.  Eating.

I'm home alone.  It's a hot summer day and I didn't decide to do anything else.  It is my mind telling me I am hungry.  It certainly is not my body.  My body is registering 'full'.

I believe that what I eat matters.  I believe the amount I eat matters.  I believe how I feel about myself eating matters.

It has been shown that when eating something with the feeling of guilt digests differently than eating something with the feeling of enjoyment.  It is always good to eat with awareness.

Oh, I am aware.  And, Oh, I am choosing to not stop myself.  I sure hope I do not do this tomorrow.  I find myself uncomfortable and, in truth, lazy.  Lazy in a way that I just don't want to force myself into doing what is 'right' for me today.  I want to support myself in having an off day.

It is in too many 'off' days therein lies the p…


Hello to you.

Goals.  We all have them or, at the very least, wish for something.  Most of us get overwhelmed at times.  Most of us have known achievement.  Most of us have lost our way.  Perhaps, simply because we are human.

I once asked what do I do when I find myself feeling overwhelmed and/or confused...  I received, what I believe to be, a very helpful answer.  The answer was to think of my current goal for the current moment.


It brought me right into clarity and peace.  Sometimes the whole picture or big picture of what I believe has to be done is completely overwhelming.  If I break it down into each moment, each step - in this moment of now - I find it easier to choose my current goal [such as my goal in this moment is to write this blog].

It is certainly okay to have small goals such as to just breathe, make a call or connection, do the dishes.  If a larger goal of doing something that has one a bit scared is doable, I say go for it.

May you ask yourself what is your goal i…

Checkin In

As the day turns to dusk and the bright sunshine wades and disappears, I come to my computer to check in; let you know that I am thinking about you and to see what I have to say, if anything, just now.

I look out the window and I see small fluffy clouds of navy, white, gray and light blue.  I feel a feeling of stillness and an air of calm.  The lights on the buildings are starting to shine on and another day is done.

I am finding myself looking at everything I do as an adventure.  An adventure to do an errand.  An adventure to take a walk.  An adventure to talk to a stranger.  An adventure to love.  An adventure to open up and share my truth.

Life can be an adventure.  It is without a doubt all in the way I choose to look at it.

May you choose to look at life in a way that it brings excitement and/or uplifts you.  You can choose what this is...  Anything that doesn't weigh you down or brings you to fear...

It is a good day if we have moments of lifting ourselves and one another up.  I…

Kind Awareness

Many of us are becoming more aware of ourselves, our lives and what is happening around us.  Many of us are opening our hearts and minds to the fullness that is life and available to us.

It is one of my goals to be aware and stop there.  Don't judge what I am learning, seeing, feeling and doing.  I'd like to just be it and not put a judgment on it.  It feels to me that the judgment of a situation may not be as conscious as the awareness of each situation, relationship and experience.

To know what I am.  To not judge myself.   This may be the greatest freedom I can offer myself.

May you know that/what you are.  May you be.  May you be aware.  May you just let it be so.  May you not judge.  May you offer yourself the greatest freedom to 'Just Be U'.  

Experience your awareness without judgment of it.

Feel it.  Be it.  Do it.  Breathe.

May you see if this works for You.

Just maybe, this opens us up to the authenticity of self.

Living in my own authenticity and love is where I st…


Summer is upon us here in the southeast part of the USA.  Whew.  Heat wave for sure.  One only needs to stand still outside to feel the body start to perspire.

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer.

Sunset is earlier.  A full moon is just around the corner.

Nature is always changing and so are we.  Yet, sometimes it feels like I stay the same.  I have lived long enough to know that I have and do not.

I practice gratitude consciously.  I've always been thankful.  However, perhaps, with not as much consciousness as I do now.

I always knew I was grateful for fun days, enjoyable people, wonderful views and exercise.  Now, it is more about loving people, who I am and my relationship(s) with all that is.

Life is deeper these days.  Change is more drastic at times.  Information more forthcoming.  Living in the truth of  'life' seems to be a deeper experience, perhaps, with more challenge as connection to everything is just a click away.  What is happening…

Here We Are

Whew.   What a life.  What living.  What experiences.  What wonder.

Right now as you are reading this, you are breathing.  Perhaps, stop...  check in with yourself...  what are you feeling...  is your body relaxed...  are you present in this moment or only kind of sort of here while beginning to take the step into the next upcoming moment(s)...

Can you give your body a deep inhale and exhale a few times...

Can you feel the ground underneath you supporting you...

Will you allow the feeling of love for yourself...

Are your shoulders up by your ears or relaxed...

Right now, in this very moment, we are living.   This is us living.  Can you give yourself a choice on how you want to feel...   how you wish to experience this moment...

Do you have the feelings you wish to feel present...

Whatever you are feeling, do you trust yourself to be here for yourself always and in every situation.  Can you make a pact to never abandon yourself...

This moment is yours, especially if you let it be.

May you crea…


Duality has been coming up for me for a while now.  Duality - 'a dual state' (

Where I once believed and experienced that I cannot feel fear and love at the same time, this is exactly what I have been experiencing.

I can have love in my heart and fear in the brain.  I can feel both within my being.  There is a loud duality going on that I am experiencing.  A duality of being able to see life in more than one way.  Questioning.   The vibrations are like a concerto that includes all the notes along with many different instruments.

It feels powerful.  It is a loud feeling about the world [and everything and everyone in it] that I feel like I have never experienced before in this way and to this degree.

I am being challenged within each breath.   I am experiencing love, excitement and trust along with fear, stuck-ness and being easily overwhelmed.  It is not so much that I am going back and forth and from one to the other.  It is more that a complete set of emotions a…