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Bridge Over Troubled Waters

I very much would like to be a bridge for your troubling thoughts, concerns; your relationship with yourself and/or any other ‘troubled waters’ you may be doing your best (just now) to stay afloat in.

These are troubling times. These are the most unknown times I have ever experienced; our world has ever experienced and, most likely, most of you too. 
My goal here has always been to share my truth and thoughts, and in doing so inviting you to feel, open up and experience You living You through self-love.  
You are unique. You are one of a kind.  You are sensational.  You were born this way purposefully.  
We humans feel.  We humans emote. We humans experience wonderful times. We feel rough times. We think which can be troubling in itself.  Ha!  We dream. We create. We spin when all of these things collide, come together and happen at once.  
May you always come back to this moment here and now available through your breath.  
May you come back to the current goal of your very next step.  Bab…

This Way or That

I am open for trying new ways to accomplish health, healing, steadfast joy and the best versions of me.  
I realized this morning that instead of trying to fix or heal myself, it feels better to focus on what it is that makes me happy and brings me joy.  This is the route I wish to go just now.  Concentrating, learning and open to doing, thinking, being and sharing things that make me happy, joyful, elated and the way I live that makes me feel like "I is 'da bomb'".

Concentrating on what makes me feel happy, good, fulfilled, content and true to my nature.  Not to concentrate on what hurts, aggravates, any aches and pains; any discomfort and/or things I wish to change.

Perhaps, this is a better way, going forward, to live and experience life.

May you open up and pay attention to what makes you happy, feel good; feel fulfilled, content and true to your nature.

Just maybe this is exactly what fixes, encourages and sustains health.

This way or that way or whatever way shows u…

Candid Moment(s) in Time

I do not know why I took this picture.   I was sitting there just hanging and being me and I was comfortable, grateful and content.  What was in front of me made me feel fortunate and happy and, well, me.

A moment in time just being me.

May you have many moments in time just being You.   May you be aware, present and participate in same.

Open up to your happy feelings of gratitude, contentment, joy, love, etc. in as many moments throughout each day (and night) as possible.

May you realize and experience your 'simple' moments in time that make you feel like and experience the You that you are and wish to be.

May I Offer

May you take care of You.

You are allowed to enjoy all there is to enjoy.  You are allowed to invite ease and know that ease is possible and available to you.  Relax your shoulders and neck.  Relax your face and head.  Relax you body.

Breathe into any discomfort you may be feeling.  Breathe into all the comfort that is there for you to experience.  Breathe deeply; as best you can.

May you meet yourself where you are at.  Ask God, the Universe, your angels, etc. for support and help.  You are love(d).

Breathe deep and let go.  Thank your body.  Thank your mind.  Thank yourself for paying attention to your own needs and trusting in the process of your life and trusting yourself to live your life and, to often, thrive.

You matter.   I care.

May you be true to your life.  In this, perhaps, all life will matter.

May You become everything awesome inside of You to become.

Bloom.  Explode.  Become.  Unique.

Oh, beautiful You.  Honored.


It is very windy and 'alive' out here on the deck of the 21st floor high above the earth and the water.  Swirls of whitecaps; calls of birds and boats rocking.  There is a weird feeling in the air.  There is a haze everywhere.

Sometimes, life can feel 'swirly' and hazy.  It can feel weird.

It is in the uncommon-ness that can rock our world; in both good ways and not so easy ways.

This is life.  Everyone's life.  There are some things we feel natural with and there are some things we may find ourselves feeling uncomfortable or challenged by.  The calling of a new way; a new path; a new beginning shows up for us all at different and certain times in our lives.

May you accept your life as it is and bring into it the truth of who you are and the truth of what you feel and experience. 

   ...and watch and feel the wind of magic swirl around you and through you...

Time (Your Time)

With being diagnosed and living with a dis-ease the medical world has labeled scleroderma, it takes me 1/2 hour to eat a slice of margherita pizza because my mouth is very tiny and my gums are very hard but sensitive.

It takes me time to open things, if I can make it happen at all.

When I drop something on the floor, it may take me 30 seconds or so to be able to grasp it and pick it up as my fingers are not flexible or long.  The pads of my fingertips are pretty much gone.

I take more time than I used to to get things done.

This has taught me a very good lesson of living in the moment.

I need my attention to be on what I am doing to get it done.

May you be aware of everything that you are doing...  Is it easy, is it hard, is it frustrating, is it joyful.  Will you accept whatever 'it' is in the moment...  Can you...  Are you open to...  Do you want to...

May you be aware of the 'power of now' in as many moments as possible.  May you be grateful for the situation in the mom…

Open to Love

I am realizing more and more that the more I stay away from struggling, fighting, or wishing things in my life to be different, the more I open to love.

When I can keep my thoughts and judgments of what it is I am feeling; what it is I am experiencing and how it may be different from how I think I'd rather feel and experience life, I am more open to love, peace and harmony within myself and outside of myself.

When I allow what is to be present; when I allow what I feel to be felt, there is an openness that allows for loving acceptance to flow in and create life from a place of love.

When I don't allow myself to gently let what I don't like to feel be felt, I constrict myself and I shut myself down from loving acceptance and its ability to flow through me.

May you stay open to accepting everything as it is; to allow yourself to feel what shows up as your own feelings and allow unease and discomfort to be present when it is.

One can be aware of what one feels and can even say I f…

Antsy, Anxious and Awesome

Breathe self, breathe.  Deeply.  Evenly.  Lovingly.  Feel your own love permeate each and every cell in your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.  Breathe.  Feel your whole body relax and let go.  Enter into the wholeness of your breath.


Thanks.  I needed that!  lol

I have been feeling antsy, anxious and awesome.  How quickly I can go from one to another is amazing.  I have a feeling of not being settled and an unknowing of what I want to do next.  I'm awesome because I am telling myself that it is okay; I am okay and I will know when I am supposed to know.

If you shared kindness today, you done good.

If you shared love today, you done good.

If you were aware of yourself paying attention to what you were feeling, you done good.

If you were gentle to your own self, you done good.

It is, perhaps, in these moments that we are living life fully.  It, perhaps, doesn't have to be a big production, it can be a small act that we live our purpose and allow fulfillmen…

Break Free

Break Free.   I keep hearing myself saying let the painful things go.  Let things that have happened a long time ago, go. Things that are happening now that I am accepting without speaking, feeling, allowing, sharing and living my truth.  I know better than this.  I've worked very hard to know better than this.  What does holding on benefit me...

It is very loud inside of me - like a broken record - of things that keep me from allowing me to break free; live free; thrive like I know I can because I have done so and enjoyed it.

I so enjoy being true to me.  If I so love it, then, why don't I give myself permission to do this... Always...

Do I have to relearn, regroup, become anew...   Yes, apparently, yes I do.

Today is Friday the 13th - Full Moon day.   A day that I am told allows for just this thing to become a reality.   I want myself to let go, break free, become the best of me.  Open to the ease of living through the truth of me.

I don't know if I will.  Perhaps, this is a…


I have found myself in self-'prescribed', self-'medicating' stillness.

The world has become overwhelming to my senses and I find myself shaken, grasping (I don't know for what), breathing in/thinking thoughts of calm and safety and an underlying feeling of jumpy and irritable throughout my arms, legs, stomach and skull which is creating my need for stillness.  How weird this sounds to me and how true it feels.

I am reminded of human nature.  I am thinking and feeling that through my self-induced stillness I can connect to my innate nature in the best and deepest ways possible.

It is not through chaos that I know myself.  It is through calm, feelings, openness, allowance, acceptance and breath.  This is the place I know myself and am myself.  I get to sit with the whole of who I am and what I am about.  It can feel challenging.  It can feel wonderful.  It can feel soothing.  It can feel uncomfortable.  It is what I need/want to live through just now to grow, become, i…

Waiting for the Storm or Dancing

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass.  It is about learning to dance in the rain."  unknown

Well, today for me and my neighbors in South Florida, we have been waiting on the storm to see what Hurricane Dorian decided to do.  The answer, thus far for us, has been nothing.  It is my understanding that it is all over the Bahamas and staying there; not moving at all.  Hurting and damaging the beautiful islands.  I pray and send out love to all those that are in the storm.

I have had a dark weather day of hanging, eating, watching TV, being with loved ones and playing with the animals.  I have felt such gratitude knowing that for today, no hurricane speed winds touched land here.  The awesomeness and power of Mother Nature was felt and it was wind and active water swells.  The sky was completely gray and sullen.  The air was full of eeriness.   It was a one of a kind day.   It was nice to be in a sort of limbo space opening myself up to what is, what will be; acceptance…