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Bridge Over Troubled Waters

I very much would like to be a bridge for your troubling thoughts, concerns; your relationship with yourself and/or any other ‘troubled waters’ you may be doing your best (just now) to stay afloat in.

These are troubling times. These are the most unknown times I have ever experienced; our world has ever experienced and, most likely, most of you too. 
My goal here has always been to share my truth and thoughts, and in doing so inviting you to feel, open up and experience You living You through self-love.  
You are unique. You are one of a kind.  You are sensational.  You were born this way purposefully.  
We humans feel.  We humans emote. We humans experience wonderful times. We feel rough times. We think which can be troubling in itself.  Ha!  We dream. We create. We spin when all of these things collide, come together and happen at once.  
May you always come back to this moment here and now available through your breath.  
May you come back to the current goal of your very next step.  Bab…

A Goal and an Outcome

I started blogging back in 2010.  I didn't know what a blog was.  I had no idea how to create one.  Something within me told me to blog and here I am 9 years later.

My goal was to share my true self in hope to help as many people as I am supposed to.   I realized almost immediately that the outcome was a invaluable way to learn about myself.  Often, I didn't know or realize what I was thinking or feeling until I read my own blog and it has taught and helped me tremendously.

I write with the intent to let the words flow into my being and out through my fingertips.  Whatever comes up, I go with it and, sometimes, I surprise myself the direction a post will take.

My goal is not to tell or script what You 'should' do or be.  My goal is for a person reading my blogposts to feel what happens within themselves as they read on and open to the experiences/feelings/thoughts within yourself.  My goal is for you, the reader, to learn about how you 'attack' life; how you resp…

Go. Be. U.

Today felt like an exciting day.  I am not really sure why.  I woke up to drilling above me that sounded like it was in my condo.  It pretty much 'vibrated' on most of the day.

I told myself it was shaking my cells in a loving way.  I told myself it wasn't too loud.  I told myself I could ignore it.  I told myself work has to be done.  I told myself to leave for a while...  Ha.

I allowed the 'vibration' of the day to lead me, along with the truth of myself, forward to what felt best from combining what was going on and how I was feeling about it.

I'm proud of myself for da flow that I allowed to happen.

May you be proud of yourself for da flow that you allow to happen.

Meet.  Greet.   Be..   True to yourself in each situation you encounter.  In this, the flow, the life, the miracles and the challenges touch you in ways that you encourage peace within through anything and everything.

May you encourage peace within through anything, everything and as much as you possib…

A Place. A Moment. A Breath.

May you have a place within you [always] that feels safe, love and connects you to what makes you You.

May you breathe and know that you are doing so.

Many of us are just getting by with the vastly new and fast changing world; through what can feel like lessons and small (and sometimes big) challenges that show up.

It is a dense time with such universal connection to know and witness so much more in one moment than ever before.

I seem to be wandering through/standing in it through my breath and all of my senses and emotions. There is much within me I have never experienced or seen before.  There is a comfortable excitement that rises up from within as well.

There is unknowing all around my human experiences.  There is a knowing that gets louder and I feel myself welcoming it.

Do I dare call it a healing...  I think that I do.  A shift.  A breath.  Long moments that wishes to settle inside of me to enable all of me to live out loud, free and true in everything I do and am.

I want to su…


How nice it is to connect to someone who can understand (and even those willing to try to understand) what it is I'm putting out there.
Connection is healing.  Connection is joy.  Connection is a human necessity.  The type of connection I have to myself makes me who I am and tells me to feel what I feel (in many instances).  
Connection through acceptance and allowance totally rocks and is a beautiful foundation to experience life from/through. 
When I feel connected in a loving, joyful, helpful, uplifting way, I feel my most complete.  It is best when I feel love, joy, help and uplifting within my own thoughts and being.
In this, it is easier to share same out.
When I am cranky and miserable, I can find myself not being as open and acceptable of life around me.  It is okay to be cranky and miserable.  I think we are all at times, yet, if we can try to put a time limit on it, we can invite in cheer and pleasantness.
I connected to a woman this morning who understood and shared with me s…


As we open up to who we are and accept, allow and maybe even start to admire who we are and the uniqueness of ourselves, we, perhaps, open up our greatest gift in our lifetime - ourselves.

Through authenticity and a mask-less me, I am vulnerable and I am also empowered and the most powerful I can be.

Trusting myself to stay present in my truth and bring it from deep within myself out is so totally rad.

May you be so totally rad.  

My 'gifts' are what make me happy, what I am, who I am and what I know and do.

Your gifts are what make you happy, what you are, who you are and what you know and do.

As we live, as lovingly as possible, the truth within out, we create the most spiritual lit human possible.   I certainly want to be 'spiritually lit'.  It is what I am here learning to do.   It is what I am here with a need to support others.  It is what I love to be, to do and to feel.

What comes to me to say is

Watch out, if you are open to it, you are becoming spiritually lit just b…

Filler Up

Sometimes I fill myself up too much.

With too much food, too many thoughts, too many situations, too many concerns.  I get stuck in an uncomfortable fullness.

I am learning when I do this, to stop, step outside of myself and watch my breath.  Watch what I am doing and maybe even know the why.

I am also experiencing that as open, flowing, accepting and allowing that I become, this 'fullness' becomes more pronounced; louder.

Is it the yin and the yang...  Is it the awareness with the evolving and transforming...  Is it the opposition to oppose new growth...

Yet, I tell myself that the universe is on my side.  Is this awareness and feeling on my side...

Perhaps, I have to experience this fullness; these opposites, in order to pick, choose and become.

I don't really know.  I do know that it certainly is, or at least feels, like my total and deep truth.

May you sit in your total and deep truth.  May you love yourself through.  Accept where you are to get to where you are going...



Sometimes I feel like I am on a perch, of sorts, not knowing how to step forward; feeling stuck; feeling alone and feeling like there is more - so much more that waits me or is available to me... And, yet, I perch.

I have not been feeling wonderful and trying new things and not getting the result of/in the amount of energy I seek.  I know that I'm not stagnant, yet it can feel so.  I know there are options and, sometimes, it feels as if there are none.  In these moments, I breathe, feel and knowing that I am not what or who I was and I am not what or who I will become and, yet, I know that I Am.

I can dive down deep to find new resources that I have not yet found.  I can look up and/or 'fly' to a new place/area/situation/thought/idea.  I can let life show up for me and respond to what shows up.  I can search anew and connect to others.

May you breathe, feel and know who and what you are and believe that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

As you bring your true You …



To be successful may mean something different for each of us.  From day to day, the feeling of success can change.

Our goals, our desires, our dreams, our accomplishments, our challenges...  Mostly everything can be within, around and without what is our level of success.

Just what if success - underneath/above it all - is participating fully in each situation.

What if success is being in love with ourselves in every breath we live in....

What if success is enjoying something wholly that is enjoyable to us...

What if success is surviving through something that challenges and shows us a lot of unknown...

Whatever success means to you, I wish it for You.

Today, success means to share my truth and being okay living in my truth.  Letting myself be empowered when I don't feel empowered.

It means to comfort myself in my uncomfortableness.  It means to be open to ease, joy, laughter and love.

Sometimes it means paying the bills.  Sometimes it means being kind throughout my feelings.  Bein…

Harvest Moon

Synonyms -- intake; output; result (dictionary app)

The huge full moon last night was beautiful.  I had such joy and peace standing in its light and basking in its peace and glory.  It was quiet and calm out by the water, hearing crickets and the sound of the splashing water and the light was so bright, magical, giving and healing.  I felt very happy to be right where I was.  Blessed.

May you be open to feeling very happy right where you are.

It currently feels like a whirlwind of movement; a bouncing of one step and situation to another and another again and again and again.  Life feels sporadic yet smoothly so.  I feel guarded yet trusting through how I feel.  I feel open even to what I'd rather not feel open to.  I feel aware of my breath.  I also feel aware in every situation and relationship and I feel [mostly] easily able/open to experience what another is feeling.  I feel an openness of our vast and infinite universe putting the tools in the hands of each of us that are…

Thunder Boomers

Oh my, we are having some loud thunder boomers threatening rain, wind and lightning.  I can see it coming from the south in the distance.  It amazes me.  It excites me.  I hurry to walk my dog to get inside before it reaches us.  Sometimes, I win.  Sometimes, I get wet.  This is life...

Not only have I known 'thunder boomers', I have also known, seen, experienced and lived through 'life boomers'.  Sometimes, they do not excite me or amaze me as much as the thunder does.

They challenge me to the point that it can feel like harassment.  They swirl me around and make my head spin.  They wake me up and force me to pay more attention.  They guide me in a different direction.  They lift me out of what I have known into what I couldn't have ever imagined.  They can bring me to exactly what I have dreamed of.

We all get 'boomed' from time to time.

What comes to mind are the sayings that 'When life feels like it is falling apart, it may actually be falling into plac…

Sad; So Sad

I woke up this morning feeling sad.  Just sad.

I had a rough dream.  And, I'm sure most of you know how real dreams can feel.

I still told myself that it was going to be a good day.  Today, however, I added 'if it kills me'.   Yikes.

I stayed in a state of lull for a lot of the day and as I type this, I am not feeling overwhelmed with happiness.

And, it is okay.

This is what us humans do.  We experience sadness.  We experience many, most, if not all emotions from time to time.  It is what we do with these emotions that make us who we are and what we experience.

I say we allow the emotions; we stay mindful of the emotions and we emote them through as much love and ease that we are able to acquire at the time; through each feeling.

I can be sad and I can still laugh.  I can be sad and I can cry.  I can be sad and there are so many choices that I can choose from.  My least favorite is anger towards another.  I'm learning to be not so fond of anger towards myself as well.

May yo…

Hope and Inner Knowing

I have so much hope and inner beliefs that allow for my inner knowing to believe in my hope. ...


Healing, perhaps, is more about accepting and allowing joy in your life just as you are, with what you are experiencing, in as many moments and situations as possible.

Perhaps, it is not about dis-ease free.  It is not about feeling happy and well all the time.  Just what if our humanness is about some discomfort, some misfortune and even some pain.  Exactly in the amounts you have known and will know.

Healing, just maybe, is about letting love, truth and trust walk with us in every step of our journey.

Finding, doing and being things that lift us up, makes us feel most like ourselves and not letting go of our own inner guidance, strength and tenacity just may be what healing is.

To be healed, just maybe, is not being dis-ease free.  It is not even stress-free.  It is allowing love, truth and trust to participate in all of it; in all that we do and are.

May you know healing in as much an…

Full - Oh boy

I come to write just now with an over-filled -full- stomach.

I just had a bowl of chocolate ice cream with bananas, strawberries and peanuts.  And, as I much I don't want to admit, a swirl of chocolate syrup wrapped in.  Oh, how happy my mouth was.  lol

And, yet, here I sit, full and uncomfortable.

I used to be real good at asking myself before I ate something, if it was going to make me feel better or not.  If I said yes, I would eat it and if I responded no, I would not.  That worked for me for a long time; fairly easily.

Lately, oh lately, I haven't even been asking myself this question.  It is like I have completely forgotten about this question.

What is a woman to do...  !

Tomorrow is another day.  I can bring this question forward in my mind and remember it.  I can, at the very least, be open to doing so.  I shall see what happens.

May you be open to doing what works in your best interest, health, happiness and well-being.

Even if I made a smaller bowl, I would not feel as full…

Just Sayin'

Sayings I have recently heard myself say; saw myself write and/or heard myself think...

I'm honored to share them with you.

May you say, write, hear, and feel kindness towards yourself; as often and as much as possible.  Choose You.

Just Be U.

Grow Yourself Complete

Breathe.  Stretch.  Smile.

Open up and find the best surprise ever... You!

Think about...   Enhancing your health (not fixing it).

Accept what you feel and let love.

See what tomorrow brings.

Today is going to be a good day.

Day is done.  Rest has come to rejuvenate the body and the mind.  Open up to the soul.

Be good to You.

Everything always works itself out one way or another.

Open up to the life that is uniquely yours.

"Be here now".

May you grab one of these if it resonates and supports you.  May you create your own to support the awesome that is You.

There are many different paths and options.  Choose the path(s) and option(s) that open(s) you up to the you that you so enjoy being with.