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Bridge Over Troubled Waters

I very much would like to be a bridge for your troubling thoughts, concerns; your relationship with yourself and/or any other ‘troubled waters’ you may be doing your best (just now) to stay afloat in.

These are troubling times. These are the most unknown times I have ever experienced; our world has ever experienced and, most likely, most of you too. 
My goal here has always been to share my truth and thoughts, and in doing so inviting you to feel, open up and experience You living You through self-love.  
You are unique. You are one of a kind.  You are sensational.  You were born this way purposefully.  
We humans feel.  We humans emote. We humans experience wonderful times. We feel rough times. We think which can be troubling in itself.  Ha!  We dream. We create. We spin when all of these things collide, come together and happen at once.  
May you always come back to this moment here and now available through your breath.  
May you come back to the current goal of your very next step.  Bab…

Like There’s No Tommorrow

Like there’s no tomorrow...

I heard myself saying that I am aching like there is no tomorrow.  For some reason those words were loud and I immediate thought what does that even mean.

I googled it.  In the Cambridge Dictionary it reads “informal.  If someone does something like there is/was no tomorrow, they do it very fast, in large amounts and without thinking carefully:”.   

So I carefully (ha) thought about it and said I think I want to live more often like there is no tomorrow.  

I want to do what is in my heart to do and not take the time to talk myself out of it.  I want to say what feels right for me to say without stopping myself because I may be challenged or looked at like I said something to another human that does not think like me.  I pretty much have this freedom of saying/typing things down here on my blog.  I just go with what comes up ‘like there’s no tomorrow'.   It is in person that is more difficult for me because I can see and feel reactions.  

Here I put out what…


Well, the weather here in S. Florida has changed and our winter is in the air.  It is nothing like the winters I grew up in in Pennsylvania, USA.  And, the air still feels different and cold.  I love putting on the sweats.  I don't love feeling the cold from the inside out.

With Raynauds and Scleroderma, for me, the cold is hurtful and I find myself aching and a wee bit cranky.

I find myself amazed at how much the cold does affect me.  It is interesting how I still find myself amazed by this after more than 40 years of it.  Wow.  My human brain can forget, ignore, relearn and react in ways, that if I don't do my best to take control of, it surely will be taking control of me.

Good news is I can teach myself to react differently.  Bad news is that I am the only one that can do it.  No one can do it for me.

In truth, I probably wouldn't want anyone too.  I think that I would like it to be easier, at times, than it is, however.

So, while I love breathing in the fresh cool air and…

But, I've Always Done it This Way

Oh my my…  If this isn't something that is said often and thought often.  And, when it is said and 'thunked', it is certainly believed.

And, I'd like to offer 'but, is it really true' with who you are now, where you are now and what you need/want now...

I am thinking that just because something has always worked for me in the past and helped me with transitions, situations and positivity that does not mean that it will work for me now in this new, different and evolved world most of us are experiencing and living in.

I am different.  Everyday there is something different to learn or a new option to doing things.  Our world is different.  What happens over on that side of the world, we feel and know about it on this side of the world.  What happens here is known about and felt over there.

I'm thinking it may not be a bad idea, the next time you hear yourself say or think 'but, I've always done it this way', to stop and check in with yourself, your li…

Yin Yang

Yin Yang comes from Chinese Taoism.   It seems to and relates to opposites but it is also life lessons that complement each other and teach/show us the infinite possibilities of all that is.

When we experience something, there is always a possibility to experience it in more than one way.

Shade with light.  Up with down.  In with out.  Over with under.  Male with Female.

Our chi; our energy; our life force; our prana; God.  Whatever you want to call this power inside of you that is 'life' is empowered and streamed through our own thoughts, actions, feelings and breath.

May you look at and see things (life) from and through the best place inside of you.

As you are seeing things and taking a 'looksee' at life within and outside of yourself, if it doesn't lift you up, empower you or enhance the best way you can feel in the moment, perhaps, take another look.  See things (life) [the current situation] differently.  There is always more than one way to process everything …


It feels like we are being asked by a force, greater than all of us, to find our truth and live through it.  Be our love and entertain it.  Know ourselves and be what we know.

There is a storm 'abrewing'.  A beautiful storm.  Yet, a storm of unease; unknown and new light.

May you be brave enough and loving enough to be gently transparent in who you are, what you know and what makes you happy.  

In this, we empower not only our own lives but others'.  We honor our Creator by being who and what we were/are created to be.  

We are being asked, or is it forced, to open up and say what we feel.  As I choose to do this at the time of realizing my feelings, from a place of love - it is the most impactful way to go.  If I stew or come from anger and release my feelings -- oh, it can invite in exactly what I don't want to live as, through and in.

May you choose to, as lovingly as possible, share what you are feeling from the inner wisdom of your spirit.

We can get sopping wet and not…

De Light Full

Another full moon is up in the sky high above us all.  Everyone of us has the same moonlight shining down on us.

May you capture the light and let it connect you to de light fully You.

If something doesn't delight you; just for now, let it go.  Just for these few moments, any thought that does not lift you up or allow your happiness to flow, let it/them go.  

Feel what it feels like to not have a thought inside your head and being that brings you down; that is heavy; that feels yucky.  

Feel the feeling of presence and peace.  Feel the feeling of delight.

Perhaps, this is what this full moon is 'supporting' us to do.  Shine the light on what we want and are and shine the light on what we do not want and are not.

Imagine your body; your cells, are filled with your most favorite color.  Imagine that your body; your cells are vibrating happily, joyfully and in sync.

There is a flow that is flowing that is producing and creating a You that you now want to live as, support and be.



Wishing you Beautiful You filled with fulfillment, freedom, ease, love, truth, trust and fun.

This is the me that I want to know, be, live as and share.

I do not want to be afraid to be all that I am with anything that I perceive as a flaw to be seen as uniqueness, empowerment, a gift.  I choose love through everything as much and as often as I can.

May you choose love through everything; as much as and as often as you can.

The sky was beautiful last night.  The breeze was a wee bit cooler.  There were clouds and there was a full moon; or what looked to be a full moon.  It went from between the clouds, under the clouds, dressed by clouds, surrounded by clouds and in front of the clouds.  

There were dark blues, light blues splattered all around me.  I took a picture and it excited me and felt like a gift.  This is the picture you will find below.

I'd like to think of it as an angel; a sign; a portal.  A reminder to put myself into the light and walk into and with myself with freedom, ea…


Today is my awesome daughter's 25th birthday!  Whoop, Yes it is!

I find it amazing that I always dreamed of marrying and having children, of raising children.  I never, for whatever reason, found myself dreaming about what life would be like after my child is grown.  I never thought about my interests, plans of what life would be like after my time of being blessed with being needed and being involved in my daughter's growth and her own 'becoming'; about my life after being a mom of young children.

And now here I am.

I always tell her ‘thanks for being my daughter’.   I always say ‘our kids are our best teachers’.   One of my favorite songs for her is ‘I Hope You Dance’ by Lee Ann Womack and Sons of the Desert.   While she was growing up, I know she remembers me singing ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ to her by the Rolling Stones (great lyrics and music).

Our relationship is different now.  It now consists of her 'adulting'.  I am so proud of the young woman s…


I have been feeling vulnerable with and through my own feelings, situations and experiences that are opening up and showing themselves to me.  I have talked to others who are g(r)o)wing) through their own deeply seeded emotions and challenges.  I feel like what is dark inside of us is coming to light.  I believe many of us have the tools and ability moreso now than ever before and this is why what is happening now in our lives is happening.

In the dark there is light that may shine its brightest.  

We all know dark. We all know light.

May you be aware of what you are focusing on.

May you always let the love that is you(rs) be in each breath; as much and as often as possible.

Think, breathe, allow, feel, live as bright a light possible in the things that make it so for you.

Allow you to be You.

May you expand [the light of and] into what makes you You.    
This life we are living is [largely] about our humanness...

May you live it through the most loving truth of You.You are remarkable.

I believ…

Thank You

I want to thank the people from the following countries for dropping in.
I am honored to have you 'visit'.  
I am grateful for You.   I am hopeful for our world.  
As we all become and live from the best of ourselves,
may we create the best for our world, together, and share life through love.  
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