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Bridge Over Troubled Waters

I very much would like to be a bridge for your troubling thoughts, concerns; your relationship with yourself and/or any other ‘troubled waters’ you may be doing your best (just now) to stay afloat in.

These are troubling times. These are the most unknown times I have ever experienced; our world has ever experienced and, most likely, most of you too. 
My goal here has always been to share my truth and thoughts, and in doing so inviting you to feel, open up and experience You living You through self-love.  
You are unique. You are one of a kind.  You are sensational.  You were born this way purposefully.  
We humans feel.  We humans emote. We humans experience wonderful times. We feel rough times. We think which can be troubling in itself.  Ha!  We dream. We create. We spin when all of these things collide, come together and happen at once.  
May you always come back to this moment here and now available through your breath.  
May you come back to the current goal of your very next step.  Bab…

Handling the Truth

I have heard myself say, "If I say it out loud, it will make it real.’

I’ve heard others say, "If I talk about it with you, it becomes too real'.

When, in reality...  if we are thinking about, talking about or seeing something that has our attention, it is already real...  to ourselves at least.  And this is what matters most -- what the reality is that you are living in/with/as/through.

Truth is emerging all around us and from deep within us.  Status quo is not a current thing just now.  Change - big, quick changes - are happening in our professional worlds and the way we do things; in our governments and the way it is governed; in our relationships no longer under any cover or disguise and our relationship with ourselves.  Digital communication is more prevalent than ever.  So much is out in the open than ever before.  We are being asked to see, learn, deal and heal more than we have ever been asked to do before; as a whole, as one; individually, together.

What we are fe…

Oh the Ache

I wrote the title for this blogpost previously and left the page blank.

I was going about my day and heard a song about loving and supporting one's 'sisters and brothers'.

I thought this post would be about my aches due to dis-ease or overuse or something very different than where I feel it may be going now.

I heard myself say to myself, while listening to this song, that, yes, I ache.  However, I ache to hold and support people in being and living all they can be; the best of themselves.

Could my body really be sending me this message through my achiness...  Yes, I believe so.

I have such a fear of being in the world as my vulnerable self; even my empowering self.  I often hear and feel myself question myself if I am truly up for this task.  And, staying away and/or isolating is hurting me as I am starting to crave more contact with people.

People that could and would benefit from my love and knowledge.  People to share moments of love and wisdom with.  People that lift each …

Higher Self

Higher Self

I have been hearing and feeling a reality with these two words for quite some time.  To me it means being the me I am meant to be from ease, joy and an innate knowing.  The me that God born me on this Earth to be.  My calling.   Your calling.

Higher Self is the You living your greatest potential.

It is a divine self.  It is from divinity.  Some of the words from the Thesaurus for 'divine' are spiritual, blissful, glorious

We all have a Higher Self.  We all are one.  You have one.  You are one.  It is always within you available, ready to go and knows what is necessary to know within each breath.

Higher Self

Google reads "Higher self is a term associated with multiple belief systems, but its basic premise describes an eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being, who is one's real self."

Your higher self would never, ever say anything mean or hurtful to you.

How one knows if they are hearing the voice of their 'higher self' or a voice of ano…

Sitting Pretty

Whew.  What a doozy of times...

Fun times.  Easy times.   Difficult times.  Play times.  Work times.  Times.

I feel all over the place with relationships, people, thoughts, actions, abilities, disabilities.

I am happy in one minute, angry in the next, not sure how I feel in another.

What a spectrum of feelings us humans have.

We are quite the hoots...

Wherever you find yourself just now, may you bring as much love into it as possible.

May you let your love participate.

No matter how you feel, may you believe that there is always a part of you that is sitting pretty or handsome or like a complete lovable bada*s.

Cycle or Flow

I seem to be stuck in a cycle within my head and thoughts that are causing me concern and discomfort.

It seems that I go in and out and I don't want to be in this at all, ever.

I hear myself wondering why I feel like I do and is it something that I need to be concerned about.

When, in reality, I know that as I get out of my own way; my own head; my own thoughts, life is much more enjoyable.

I'm alone this week; 8 days.  I talk to people, I see a few people and I have my animals.  With the way that I am telling myself I feel, I don't feel like reaching out and/or getting out.

I know that this is not helping and, just now, I don't know how to do or be different.  Even just to sit and get my hair done...  it is not in me to do so.

I'm honoring this as best I can and I, at times, can easily put the 'L' on my forehead and think 'Loser'.

There is a part of me that knows honoring, allowing and flowing with how I feel can be super productive and one of the hard…

Reactionary Discomfort

Perhaps, uncomfortable reactions can arise automatically to certain thoughts and feelings previously addressed or experienced.  They can become an automatic response to certain stimuli; certain situations.  

Just maybe, one can tell one's self that one is safe with whatever is going on.  You are in control of what you want to do and say; how you react in this moment. 

And, in this moment you are ok, able and living in whatever uncomfortable situation one's mind sees, feels and knows as discomfort.  In this ok moment, even if you do not like what you see and feel - your presence, your ability to move through it happens even as we think there is no way available to us.  It happens.  We happen.  You happen.  

Relax your body. Expand open your heart.  Breathe.  Tell your body it is allowed to relax and let go of any discomfort.

You are supporting your body for this to be so. Hug yourself.  Literally hug yourself. And feel, see, know, look at everything around you and within you at th…

Be True You

I had what felt like a huge and deep lesson today.

I know that our true self is the best self to bring with us in everything we do and are; in every situation, circumstance and relationship.

I found myself shaking internally today.  I could feel my heartbeat in my throat, my chest and my stomach.  It was not comfortable.  It was scary.

In this awareness of great discomfort, I realized it was my body's way of supporting me to honor my truth and share it from a place of peace, caring, authenticity and wisdom.

I realized that a 'dance' I was doing in and with a certain relationship was not my complete truth and it was a manufactured dance that was not good for either party and/or any outsider privy to this relationship.

With the help of a friend, I was able to discern this and put into words what I so much wanted and needed to share.

Once I shared these words that I gathered in a way to speak my loving truth, magic happened.

Both of us were able to step into a new and different li…

Make A Wish

Anytime something pretty would show up or a funky thing would happen in every day life, I always told my daughter to make a wish.

She eventually grew up and caught on that I would sometime turn a questionable possible reaction into making a wish.  Wishing is much more fun than thinking negative.  A way of honoring something beautiful could be to make a wish on/to it.

May you find yourself making wishes from a place of joy and fun.

Make a wish.   I am wishing for all of your wishes [that especially support the best of you and your life] to come through/true.

Spirit of Peace

The Spirit of Peace.  It is my thought and hope that we have all experienced this throughout our lives.  It is the quiet in the noise.  It is the calm in the pain.  It is the easy breath in the reaction.  It is the love in the fear.  It is the undying connection in the relationship.  It is the joyful contentment within our own beings.

May you open up, relax into and allow yourself freedom and lessons with(in) the Spirit of Peace.

I am noticing [still] that I find my thoughts in the future and not in this current moment as I start and open up to my day.  When this is so, I feel unsettled, fearful, uncertainty and angst.   These things are not fun for me to feel.  I do not like the paralyzing and the petrifaction that it creates within myself and against myself.  I contract.  My body, my mind and my ability to be all that I am is greatly hindered.

When I expand, my body, mind and my ability to be all that I am flows within, outside, through and around myself.  Dreams, wishes, desires and &…

Dreams, Wishes, Desires

I'm wondering where my dreams, wishes and desires come from.   They do not come from my mind so much.  They go through my mind.  They do not originate there it seems.

My heart, perhaps.  My soul.  My inner being which is the totality of everything I am.

I choose to believe my inner being.

It is not like I have to think them through or up.  It is like they just show up from deep inside of me.  The energy of them shows up as a feeling, a thought, a picture, a song, etc.  They show up through an opening of peace, silence, acknowledgement and/or subtle (or strong) feeling.

May you pay attention to these subtle and/or strong hints/whispers and let them live inside of you until they, and You, are ready to come out and occur.  

I believe as we breathe into them and ourselves; as we open up to all that we are; as we validate and allow our truth(s), these dreams, wishes and desires of ours come true.

May all your dreams, wishes and desires come to fruition.

If they are meant to happen, nothing wi…

All or Nothing

All or Nothing...  Nothing at All...

I'm certainly not feeling this.  Just like the spectrum of colors - black and white.

Nothing in life is all on one side...  Life oscillates.

Like a fan; so are the days of our lives.  Ha!

Whatever you are feeling now in this moment, after several hours or even after several seconds, you just may feel different then what you are in this breath that you breathe in just now.

Human life offers us a variety of choices, options, chances, situations, relationships, thoughts, feelings, etc.

It is up to us, as humans, what we choose, opt, chance, live, relate, think and feel throughout the day; in each moment; each scenario.

May you realize what you are telling yourself and the experience you are creating for yourself in this moment.  

Do you like it... Do you dislike it...  Where on the spectrum of feeling good and feeling lousy are you...

What is one small thing/thought that you can change to feel most true to yourself...  More compassionate; more loving; mor…

Mountain... or Is It...

Sometimes as we hear and/or acknowledge things and situations, they can feel so monumental or overwhelming.  We can feel scattered, overwhelmed and/or confused.

Yet, if we back away from the moment (feeling), outside of our feelings, we can choose to look at the moment in a way that is kinder to our own self.  We can choose to see it in a different light if we choose to do just this.

When I was sick and immobile in bed, when I looked at what could go wrong, it was not helpful.  In fact, it was hurtful.   When I chose to be true and loving to myself in each breath, I knew - even though I wasn’t having fun (ha!) -  that underneath what was going on (or is it above), I was okay.   I had ailments and things that were off/wrong/confusing and hurtful and I knew that I was still okay.  I was living. I was breathing.  I was alive. I was coping; even when it could feel like I was not.

May you know that you are okay right here right now no matter what is going on.   May you know that your surviv…

I Have Missed You

Wow.  Where do I begin.   ...

Yesterday I had an appointment that I was late for.  Today I find myself early for an appointment.  It was in my phone correctly and I didn’t ‘see’ it correctly.  My mind didn’t process this correctly.

How many times have I been doing this lately; and for how long has it gone on...

It does feel like change is huge inside of me and throughout my life.

I was sick in bed for 16 days in December.  Doctors labeled it ‘bronchitis’.  I feel it was so much more.    Wiped me out.   I lost 10 pounds, was unable to walk the dog and I was not associating with life or the world outside of myself.   It wasn’t possible.

It feels like my DNA changed.  I feel different.

I have not had a cold; a cough; the flu or anything like this in close to 30 years.  It was a ‘yikeser’ for me.  I coughed; had fevers; threw up; hardly ate and was very weak.

I’m 95% better than when this had me down and out and I feel like I’m starting my life and myself from new perspectives, new health, n…


Your soul knows.

May you let it lead as best You can.  May you let it fill every part of you and all that you do.

Today and each situation you experience are one part in the overall journey of your human life.   It is our humanness that, maybe, wants to take it most seriously.  

Things will all work out exactly as they are meant to.   Life will happen for us in the most meaningful way to support our soul’s journey.

Soulful You is perfect.

May you allow and open up to your unique journey that is here for you to live. 

May we all love ourselves and each other through and onward.  

Thank You.

Sending out much soulful love to You.