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Bridge Over Troubled Waters

I very much would like to be a bridge for your troubling thoughts, concerns; your relationship with yourself and/or any other ‘troubled waters’ you may be doing your best (just now) to stay afloat in.

These are troubling times. These are the most unknown times I have ever experienced; our world has ever experienced and, most likely, most of you too. 
My goal here has always been to share my truth and thoughts, and in doing so inviting you to feel, open up and experience You living You through self-love.  
You are unique. You are one of a kind.  You are sensational.  You were born this way purposefully.  
We humans feel.  We humans emote. We humans experience wonderful times. We feel rough times. We think which can be troubling in itself.  Ha!  We dream. We create. We spin when all of these things collide, come together and happen at once.  
May you always come back to this moment here and now available through your breath.  
May you come back to the current goal of your very next step.  Bab…


While transferring my belongings to another pocketbook, I pulled out this Goddess stone along with the Hershey paper trail of 'kisses'.   It felt like they went well, even belonged together, so I took the below picture and, eventually, edited it into a black and white.

I have grabbed onto the thought, and taking it as knowledge, that a black and white photo by a doorway could signify water; signify and support ‘flow’ in Feng Shui.  I'm thinking it feels like a perfect time to request for myself and encourage flow in my blogposts and into my life and, just maybe, encourage it in you and your life as well.

Goddess is feminine energy.  Each one of us has feminine energy which consists of traits such as "connection, empathy, nurturing, and emoting.  She is pure energy and flows and changes like the water of a river." unknown  Masculine energy consists of traits such as "strength, courage, independence, leadership, and assertiveness".  unknown

Today, on Febru…


I woke up this morning feeling an excitement inside of myself.  I feel like there is something exciting going down and I am open to it, ready for it and it is something my life has been preparing me for.

It feels nice.  It is a feeling I remember well.  It is a feeling I enjoy.  It is a feeling, I feel, that I will always enjoy and welcome having.

The word romanticize comes to mind.  May I offer for you to consider what kind of relationship you have with your own self; your own life.

I feel like I’m open to and starting to experience myself through romanticizing my life and my deepest connection available to me.  This deepest possible and available connection, to me, feels like it is the one I can have with myself.

I surely enjoy people.   I surely enjoy being connected in kindness, support and care.  I surely enjoy the feeling of uplifting, empowering connections.

I do not enjoy bullying; one thing I have very rarely been.  So rare, I don't remember an instance.  Yet I know I am no…

E. E. Cummings

“Whenever you think or you believe or you know, you’re a lot of other people: but the moment you feel, you’re nobody-but-yourself.” E. E. Cummings
I just heard this quote the other day.   Then I looked it up and read it.  Then I copied it.  Then I shared it on social media.  Now I very much want to share it with you. 
Through this, it has become my favorite quote just now.   Wow. Wow. Wow.  
Thank you E. E. Cummings.   
I find myself surprised that I have never heard it before.  I’m grateful and excited that I am experiencing it now.  
With so many of us choosing, wanting, being invited or forced to feel or just feeling moreso, it is a very exciting and challenging time for some of us; for many of us.  
     I wrote this to a dear friend of mine today.  
“This morning, I had myself in between dying, being born anew, having it together, falling apart and not sure wth is happening to me.   
Changing.  Less tolerant.  Alone.  Angry.  Blessed.  Honored. Thrilled. Sick.  Hurting. Tired. Aching.  H…


Stand alone.   Together.

Awareness.  Mindfulness.

Each moment, thought, situation that we experience stands alone in the 'now' moment.  When seeing the wholeness of our days, thinking and experiences they connect and create together who we are and what we feel and step into.

With awareness and mindfulness, we can portray, examine, change, engage in each moment, thought and situation in more than one way at any given time on any given day.

It is our choosing how we react and what we bring into or put out of our lives.

May you choose the thoughts that make you feel and experience yourself in your best way(s).

May you choose the reaction(s) of what you carry with you into or away from each moment.

May you choose the situation you want to participate or not participate in.

You are allowed to be true to you.  You are asked to be true to you by the universe.  When you do be true to You, you honor God (Your Creator) and you honor yourself and you honor all those affected by the ripples of yo…


We reflect on our feelings. We reflect on our relationships.  The sun reflects on the water.  Our shadow reflects out connected to us.

We sometimes reflect the moods of others.  Sometimes we are aware that we do. Sometimes it is subconscious and/or at a later time than the moment we experience it.

We reflect out into the world. Our love reflects.  Our cranky - yes I can be cranky - reflects.

Energy and vibes reflect into space and time.

Reflect - meaning from the dictionary
to cast back (light, heat, sound, etc.) from a surface: to give back or show an image of; mirror. (of an act or its result) to serve to cast or bring (credit, discredit, etc.) on its performer. to reproduce; show: to throw or cast back; cause to return or rebound:May you realize what you are reflecting out and what you are allowing to be reflected in or onto you. I have learned to imagine a group of mirrors all around me (mirror side out) as to protect my energy and reflect all energy back on to where it is coming fr…


Hello to You.  Welcome to a safe place to discover, learn, live and 'Just 9Be U'... "Grow Yourself Complete"...  Again and again and again.   If you want this for you, I surely want it for you too.

Below are some ‘offerings’ I shared with people in the last day or so.   I seem to want to share them with you.   If they resignate or can be helpful - yay.

If not, please disregard.

‘Let [your] energy flow through you.’

‘No more stuck emotions.  You are ready and able to feel and let go.’

‘I send you a hug through my mind from my heart.’

‘I am so proud of you.’

What is being shown and/or said to you is supporting you to be the person you want to be and are growing into.’  Follow through.  Adjust.  Be.  Breathe.  Flow.

‘Bring your truest of self into the situation through as much self-love as possible.’

‘You bringing your truth with you always will create your best path forward.’

‘As we speak and share our truth and vulnerabilty, we open the door for others to do the same.’

‘I lov…


May you take a moment (or more) to breathe into your heart. 
Open to love. Let love immerse into your entire being. Feel love in your organs; your cells; throughout your body and your being. Breathe. Welcome it.  Let it spread up and out into the air; the universe.  Let the intent be for it to reach exactly the person(s) [living thing(s)], it is meant to reach. 
May you be open to reach out and up to grab onto the loving energy that is in the air, the universe, that is present for you.
Love is everywhere. Love is healing. Love is. 
May you connect to the love that lifts you. As you connect to your own love first, the process of life will respond and support you.  May we all be supported.  
Perhaps, every time you give some of your self away (or do something for another) out of love, always keep a certain amount of this love for yourself.
May we all let love; be love; come from love; live from and through love.  
Grow yourself in love.  It is needed.  You are needed.  Thank you.


I have dreamed of living exactly where I live now.   I have dreamed of living in Florida USA since I was 17.  I purchases my first place here when I was 40.  I picked the name of the area out before I ever visited it.

I had dreamed of being married.  I am married 32 years now.

I dreamed of being a mom.  I have a brilliant, lovely daughter.

I dreamed of being a secretary when I was in elementary school.  Check.

I dreamed of being a Personal Trainer.  Check.

I was called to be a Certified Life Coach.  I am.

One cannot create something quite as thrilling, perhaps, without first dreaming it or imagining it.

May you let yourself dream.   Live in your dreams.  Create your dreams.

Whatever you can dream, You can create.

I am Not so easily working in the field of Life Coaching just now.   There is something within me that has yet to allow it.

I am very much a Life Coach.  I have yet to step into the full role of same as I 'see' and 'feel' it within me.   I believe it will happen e…


The light is on and we are 'Home'.

It feels to me that many of us are knowing how we feel.  Are more connected to what is going on with ourselves than, maybe, ever before.   The depth of our own humanness is here for us to explore, reach and be.

We feel/see more than ever.   It is easier to bear witness and yet challenging to do the same.

Perhaps, previously, we have put our minds on other things.  We’ve kept busy.  We persuaded our thoughts to pay attention and to focus on other things.  Anything to not feel...  Some of us; not all of us.   

We are now, more and more, honoring our feelings, thoughts and ways.

Some of us are being challenged to honor thyself.

May you accept where you are, what you know and what you want as you live in and through the depth of you.

Your light it on.

May you let light shine where it needs to.

May you shine.

"Let it shine.  Let it shine.  Let it shine."

Breathe and be.

Breathe and shine.

Breathe and live.

Breathe and open up.

Breathe and hug…


I come here unbeknownst to me what I will type; what will be shared.  I'm not sure there is anything within me just now that wishes to come forth.

I offer myself to come out and 'play' and go for whatever there is to go for...

Here.   I.  Sit.

I am waiting for the people that help me clean my home and I have avocado and hummus on a plate with pretzels.  Tiffany, my little dog, stands guard at the door watching and waiting for visitors to arrive.

It is a grayish, wet kind of day.  The sky is a dullish white with grayish navy blue clouds.  It is 70 deg F.  There is a calm in the air; a cleansing.  I connect with it and welcome it.

It seems to me like there are still plenty of lessons within and around me and I hear myself asking to be kind and as gentle as possible to me.  I'm tired of lessons.  I think of the days when there was joy in every breath without having to bequeath joy upon myself.  It just was so.

I seem to have gotten deeply involved in these lessons that feel lik…


May you meet yourself where you are.  

Life.  It is full.  There is a saying “We plan. God laughs“.

There are times when we do plan and life works out as we plan it to.   There are times when it may go a little astray of our plans.  And there are times when life happens in a way that is foreign and challenging; exciting and unknown.

May you meet your life right where it is at.   When we resist what is, we may feel turmoil and confusion.  When we flow with what is, in honor of ourselves and what is, we can, perhaps, navigate more clearly and participate in the most helpful and enlightening way(s) possible.

If your life is as you planned just now and your content or excited or happy, may you know gratitude for same.  May you sit deeply in all that good stuff and enjoy every breath.  I am so happy that this is your time.

If your life feels challenging and/or you feel lost or uncomfortable, breathe.   Perhaps, step out of yourself and look in. What do you see...  Is there one thing you can …

Here I Go... Me Me Me

I just heard myself asking myself if I am the only one that can no longer push one's self into doing things I don't want to do...

I see many people walking around tired, sick, struggling and forcing their bodies and spirits through things that their bodies and spirits are not enjoying.  The struggle is real.

I find myself stagnate in what I would call living.  I find myself stretching and moving and within a few minutes, my heart and my soul smiles.

I am not smiling often these days compared to my days of smiling often.  Ha.

I hear people tell me about being dizzy; lightheaded.   This can be about scattered thinking.  I, too, find myself dizzy and lightheaded at times.

How [so] easy it is to have scattered thinking just now.  We are in an upheaval of life as we once lived in.  We are in a shift into life as it is going to be.  Some of us are experiencing scattered thinking in between what was and what will be.  Who we were and who we are going to be.  What we did and what we are go…